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I own a firm that specialize's in Consultanting all aspect's of
Entertainment/Event PR

Making you successful...



Damaris has been helping individuals get their start in the entertainment business
for 9
years and counting...



Never been in the entertainment business before? 

She is here to help!

My goal is to help you obtain the best information on
Cameo or Principal role's in the entertainment industry.


These are the type of role's that you should be auditioning for!! 


They  can open many doors for you...
Leading you toward an opportunity for a Sag or non-union contract.


 Alliance Corp, Viacom , AT&T, Glacier Field's Casting, Lionsgate,
Fox, ESPN, CNN, Nickelodeon, Lifetime movie's and much more!!

 (772) 408-8459

 If you are looking for a Part time jobs or Full time
You can make up to $250/day

or land a huge Contract worth Thousands!!

Register and become a Member!!! start right now!!


Have fun while making hundreds of dollars every day,
at the same time keep your current job.


Hundreds of Casting Professionals are actively looking for YOU!

They need people full time and part time who want to be on TV.

 We provide the resources you need to to get that gig,
 find information about casting calls in order to get started working in films.

You can work with casting directors, photographers, producers and
 directors from all over the country...
who are
seeking everyday people, with or without experience,
 to work as Actors, Models and Background Extras
 Movies, TV Shows, Music videos, Modeling, Dance, Music,
Theatre and much more!

The popular TV shows on MTV, ABC, CBS, FOX
 Are casting people every day in your city.

Do you know about it?

This is a way to break into the entertainment industry!
And, if you want, you can do it while you keep your current job.

In today''s entertainment business it is possible for everybody anywhere to be on TV,
get exposure and to be paid for it.

This isn't your typical job.
It is a genuine way to make extra income every day while having fun.

Entertainment work can be part-time, full-time, and seasonal.

This service will bring you to all the resources you need to begin....

 Working as a Movie Extra, Actor or a Model full or part time.




You can try something a little different while you keeping
your current job. 

You will have job opportunities to fit almost any desired work schedule
 including weekend
-only or Saturday-only that will help you also to keep your current job.

Full-time and Part-time opportunities are also available.

The opportunities we offer make it ideal place for students, retirees,
teachers, nurses, medical assistant, sales reps, sales managers, police officers,
drivers, bartender, waiters, receptionists, marketing, finance,
 project and human resource managers, people who work in call centers,
customer service, hotels, restaurants, bars,cafe, offices,
 in the industries of telecommunications, networks, health care,
 accounting, finance, advertising, airline,aviation, architecture,
 building, art, photography, journalism, automotive, banking,
 broadcasting, radio, TV, construction, consulting,consumer products,
education, teaching, electronics, recruiting, staffing, entertainment,fitness,
 fashion, food, homebuilding, hospitality, hotel, resort, insurance,
newspaper, merchandising, sales, marketing, retail, travel, recreation,
publishing, public relations, training, transportation.


   We are looking for people from all backgrounds,
 so even if you have no experience in the entertainment industry
and have only worked as an administrative assistant, manager,
animal trainer,designer, waiter/waitress or a fitness coach,
  I would love to hear from you!



A positive attitude and strong desire to succeed

Good communication skills

A willingness to communicate with people across all levels and cultures desired

Must be available minimum 8 hours per week

No Experience is OK.

All looks and ages.



To keep your current job 

To make extra cash working a flexible schedule 

To build a network with professional people from entertainment industry

Flexibility to work days, evenings, weekends, and holidays

Opportunity to learn more about acting or modeling

Can be done from small town or large cities


For fun or for a career!
Contact Me Today

I encourage people with all kinds of experience and backgrounds to apply,
some examples of experience we have utilized in our past projects are:

 Acting, Actor, Actress, Audio/Video Technician,
Manager, Operator,Background Artist, Broadcast Specialist,
Broadcasting, Casting Director,
 Painter, Cinematographer,
Writer, Colorist, Comedian, Commercial Artist,
 Impersonator, Communications Specialist,
Community Photographer, 
Costume designer, Costumer, Dance Instructor,
 Dancer, Director, Entertainment, Environment Designer, Film,
Film Business, Film Editor, Film Industry, Film Studio, Music,
 Customer Service, Photography, 
Modeling, Theater, Impersonator, Modeling Auditions,
Casting Calls & Acting Auditions, Casting & Auditions,
 Casting Director, Agencies, Agents & Casting Directors, Open Calls,
 Acting audition, Photographers, Actresses,Digital Photo Enhancement,
Fashion, Runway,Male Supermodels, Supermodels, Top Models, 
Extras Work,  Background Actor Work, Various Acting Jobs,
 Entertainment Jobs, Modeling Auditions, Dance Auditions,
 Stunt Pros, Actors, Models,Entertainment Jobs, Model Portfolios,
 Female Models, Male Models,Teen Models, Preteen Models,
Child Models, Photographer,Headshots, Portfolio, Sales,
Part-time, Camera Operator, Crew, Artist, Film Studio, Film Editor,
 Film Industry, Writer, Fitness,Theater, Administrative,
Waiter, Waitress, Feature Editor, Sales, Part Time, Music,
Entertainment, Feature Writer, Feature Editor,Concept Designer,
 Dance Instructor, Dancer, Design Assistant, Impersonator,
 Video Manager, Audio/Video Operator, Audio/Video Technician,
 Manager, Operator, Background Artist,Box Office Manager,
Broadcast Specialist,Broadcasting, Camera Operator,
Camera Technician, Caricaturist, Casting Director,
 Painter, Cinematographer, Writer, Colorist, Comedian, Commercial Artist,
 Impersonator, Communications Specialist, Community Photographer,
Concept Designer, Conservator, Costume Designer,
 Costumer, Dance Instructor, Dancer, Director, Dimensional Designer,
 Effects Animator, Entertainment


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